Monday, March 28, 2011

Sampling - Title Prop

Oh it's back to production. Got a slew of film props and a sets in the works.

First in line is a special hero prop for a friend shooting a short in LA. The idea is cool, instead of having a text overly, the title will be displayed via this prop in the scene.

I began by hunting around for an old fashioned-ish tin. With more time I would have found something more like an old lunchbox with a handle, but while at a craft store I spotted some glue with a nifty looking container.

Awesome, no wrinkles!

Next it was art time.

The prop needed to feature a rather sexy nurse, winking coyly at the viewer, holding a sample cup. The director wanted the art to be reminiscent of classic 40's style pin-up girls. You know, when the luscious ladies were painted by dudes using oil on canvas instead of airbrushing pictures in the computer. Well, unfortunately I didn't have the bad-ass-ery to do this with oil, so I did the next best thing, broke out the tablet and used Photoshop to paint our sexy medical technician.

Then it was time to print it out on a some sticky paper, cut it to size, and paste it to the tin. It's now en-route to LA to be a star!

Be sure to check the Flickr for more art stuff:

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