Friday, March 18, 2011

Get These Stencils Started

Yep, it's stencil time. Again!

Recently I was contracted to do some promotional material, and in the process ended up creating a stencil for the main image. Since stencils are pretty much addictive, I decided to keep going (even stenciled something for my delightful valentine)

For this round I decided to keep to the basics and get a little more practice with the just process itself. I'm still using the fricking cheapest poster paper on the planet for the actual layers (what? I'm cheap! Now I can spend more money on hot glue and toaster strudels) At some point I'm definitely going to try plastic Mylar sheets, when I get around to drawing something I feel like is worth spending to extra Lincolns on.

Stencil time. #11 blade please nurse.

"I'm a business man, I do business!"

In the past, the spray painting process involved a lot of scavenged masking tape to hold down the stencil, prayer, and a similar amount of cursing. Thanks to a little investigation I discovered a product actually existed that would solve ease my woes. Krylon Easy-Tack, a re-positional adhesive in spray form! Booya. (thank you scrapbookers) It's not perfect, and has its own quirks but so far it has helped me get much cleaner lines and use a lot less expletives.

Base layer for "The Man Who Wasn't There With Bird"

Since I seem to have the insatiable urge to involve cardboard into everything I do, I started experimenting with multi-layered prints as well. Okay so the "multi" may be overstating it at the moment, but I definitely intend to take this to the next level in future pieces. Right now these are more like "reliefs".

Ha, suck it Real-D. These suckers don't NEED glasses.

Two flavors, regular and cardboard. Both are tasty.

Final pictures down below. If this rain decides to stop soaking my cardboard supply I'll start making larger stuff, with more layers!
"A Man Who Wasn't There"

"Deer Business""Sacred Cow"

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