Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harmony Doodles

Being bedridden has seriously put a cramp in my style, and after about a week my sanity has started to get tested. Books have been read, netflix have been watched, and all the usual internet haunts were losing their magic.

In a benevolent effort to relieve my boredom, my girlfriend told me about this amazing little site. It's a super simple browser based art program called Harmony. The best way I've heard it described is an "auto-tune for drawing" and I'm pretty much hooked.

At first I started just playing around on my macbook trackpad, memorized by the way the lines interacted with each other. My first creation started out to be a woman's face, but through the process of clumsy finger-painting it somehow ended up as Abe Lincoln.

Excuse me mam, you have some president on your face.

I quickly broke down and busted out the tablet, because this was way too cool. Craggy serious faces turned out to be super fun.

It's time to kick ass, and chew bubblegum... and I'm all outta gum.

Magic apple, tasty.

Go to hell Tiberius. I'm a Virgo, not a sodding octopus.

A lot of the fun of this program is it's simplicity, and strict rules of use. As far as I can tell there is no undo function, which actually is awesome. It forces me to suck it up and just go for it!

Iiiii'm too sexy for clean lines, too sexy for clean lines...

My favorite brush by far has been "Chrome". It's nicely balanced, easy to get intense chunks of black, while still maintaining sensitivity to make light brushy bits. I'm hoping this will finally start helping me get back into practice, and also let me explore the weirder part of my brain.

Caution: mouth cave. Brush gently.

Overwatch reporting, ready to commence suppression.


The party ain't started till the Lion gets there.

I'll post more if any other cool things come along.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food of the Future

It's a new year! Which, of course means to some, another inevitable step towards the end of the world as we know it. What ever form this Armageddon decides to take there's one thing for sure, people will try to make money off of it.

Or at least that's the idea behind the latest food props I was asked to make for the post-apocalyptic short Angel; currently being shot by a brave crew off somewhere in the Southern California desert.

When making fake products I like to start with materials that have already been manufactured. It makes it easy because these materials are usually cheap, accessible, and have been extensively tested by focus groups. For this project I decided to start with Chips bags.

"Oooh, Caliente!"

The unmarked insides of the bags were a durable mimic for the survival bar packages you'd in emergency kits. I also wanted mine to be shiny, so it was perfect. I started by cutting the bags open open, then hot gluing down the edges to clean them up.

I had my outsides, next came the insides which turned out to be six layers of cardboard cut into little squares. These were wrapped and glued into a pile neat little packages.

"Future food tastes like cardboard!"

The by-product of this whole process turned out to be mostly chips. In order to be eco-friendly I put some time into disposing of these properly.

"Mmm, environment."

Then came a little Photoshop design magic, some sticky labels, and voila! Food of the future. The direction for the labels was centered around the idea that a corporation was marketing food to a surviving population. Loud, over the top colors, catchy names, and slightly morbid slogans were a must.

Here are some closeups of the labels. These are all pre-aging and weathering so they look a little too new and shiny, but after the art team gets through with them I'm sure they'll fit the part.