Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I had so much fun sculpting the Mechanical Heart, I was itching to so some more. But this time I wanted to try something based on life. There's an apple tree right outside my window (in which the squirrels hold weekly battles) The apples aren't quite ripe, but there was a great big juicy green one that looked so delicious I decided to use it as my model.

I brought it into the shop, took some reference pictures, and started to get down to business.


As usual I started with a lump of spray foam, and carved it into the general shape. I'm finding this technique works quite well - it saves a lot on sculpting material, and magic sculpt is so hard when fully cured it remains strong enough to handle.

Apple, meet your future doppelganger.

With the base complete, it was time to cover it in the good stuff and let it cure. Then after some aggressive sanding I began painting!

Apple-y enough for ya?

Then a coat of gloss, and finally, the Pièce de résistance the stem, made from a leather shoelace. I think it all came together rather nicely, don't you?


... wait, you didn't really think I just made an apple did you? Course not. Here's the other side.




...a dash of paint...

...aaaand the final. No idea where this idea came from, it just seemed right. Like recycling. Always recycle. I'm feeling like this might be a series, just to give a fair warning.

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