Monday, September 6, 2010

Wooden Robot

September 5th, my nephew turned one! To celebrate his year on earth I decided to make him his first robot. Why not right? Every kid needs a trusty imaginary companion.

As always I started with some sketches. The cute factor needed to be pretty intense so I settled on a subtle happy-contented-amused-aww sort of face with exaggerated proportions to match.

The tricky part began when I realized I didn't have any properly sized carving wood. In the end I had to mix and match some scraps, then assemble them with wood glue and smooth the sides with a dremel. Then came a ridiculous amount of sanding until they were baby-safe smooth.

The arms and neck were made with a series of various sized dowels, 1" for the actual visible part and .5" for the small peg that would allow it to articulate. Drilling the holes into my nice smooth blocks caused some nail biting moments, but in the end (and after a lot more sanding) it all came together.

This little fellow seemed to be a hit. My nephew has since dubbed him "Jah-Jah". How's that for ridiculous cuteness?

Happy Jah-Jah is happy.

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