Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garage Sale Stencils

Anyone can throw their old junk in the driveway and call it a garage sale, but when my family decided it was time to get rid of a veritable mountain of crazy junk, I knew it was time to break out the spray paint. This sale needed advertising: and when something is worth doing, it's worth over doing right?

How does the house still have stuff left in it?!

This was going to be my first real stencil project, so I wanted to do it right. I sketched out some doodles, scanned them in and then vectored the artwork and blew it up crazy big. Over the course of many projects I've developed a system for printing out large scale images on a home printer by piecing together lot of 8.5" x 11" paper pages. The first guy took eight.

Sorry trees, but this is how we do it.

This would be my guide to cut my stencil. Since I had chosen cardboard to be my base material (because it's freeee!) I was able to use both black and white paint, so two different stencils would be needed for each image.

Thing one, and thing two.

I chose to do a white base, and then a black layer on top although technically it would work either way. I also tried other colors instead of the black but I decided the original was more striking.

mustache, mustache, mustache

After the stencils were all done I needed a way to stand up my signs. No mere pole would do, so I whipped up some nifty stands using some leftover 2x4's.

All sign stands are made from %100 recycled space ship

Then it was time for transportation and final assembly on site. Although I did a test run before the big day, and it seemed to hold up nicely.

I say, are you selling any brass door knockers?

All in all there were twelve different stencils, and twenty-two signs: equaling tons of super-awesome-fun-times. When my blisters heal from cutting these suckers out I'm totally going to do more.

By the great moons of Jupiter Batman!

Wayne helped direct people to my nephew's deluxe
refreshment table with his lemon sign.

There you have it. Party on Wayne.


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  2. Pretty cool, where did you get the font for the letters?