Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicken Sign

Recently I was commissioned to make a special chicken-themed sign for a family gift. A family who is pro eggs and pro waffles. Since I am a chicken whisperer used to own chickens, I figured carving one would be simple enough.

The instruction for the design was to go for a very classic "home-made" feel, so I made some doodles outlining the general direction.

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In order to keep the budget low, I invested in a $3 plank of redwood fencing (the checkout guy assumed I was building the shortest fence ever) and began cutting out the pieces with my crazy smart laser sighted jigsaw (it even knows if it's night or day!)

(click to enlarge)

Then it was time for the Dremel tools for plenty of shaping and sanding.

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Unfortunately there was a price for using such cheap wood, and the chicken's head suffered (fell off) but a metal pin and a good amount of glue fixed her right up. Then it was time to put it all together.

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I always enjoy getting a chance to sneeze uncontrollably work with wood. Oddly enough this wasn't my first chicken sign, and it probably won't be the last.

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