Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pete Townspoon

It came to me as if in a dream...the man, the legend... a fork playing a spoon. As always I had to start with a little inspiration.

Since this sculpture needed to express a lot of character, and since I was using a very solid material (metal) I decided to begin with a paper mockup.

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After raiding Urban Ore for all the forks and spoons they had I got to work. Using a butane torch I heated the metal until it was red hot and bent it with pliers using my paper reference to ensure they were the right shape. It also gave me a good excuse to wear my Riddick Goggles other than at the mall or waiting sleeping.

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After all the pieces were just right, I broke out some JB weld and started welding the joints and clamping them. The whole clamping and drying process took a few days as I did it in different stages, but in future I'm confident I can get it positioned to be able to dry in one night.

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After the welds were tight I applied a pewter petina to give it a little more character, and cut out a circle of MDF board with a jigsaw for the base. With a little black paint and a lot of gloss it was all ready to be attached together to complete the piece.

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Expect Elvis Spoonly soon.

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