Monday, April 26, 2010

Eraser Box

Like most artists I love pencils. But what I love even more is: erasers. Why? Isn't it obvious? They create inter-dimensional portals I make a lot of mistakes. So they make me feel safe at night. However, my favorite brand, while amazinglysuperawesome, is prone to tearing when kept in a pocket for any amount of time (all the time). So to solve the problem I decided to make a litlle eraser box!

I've had this broken yardstick sitting around my workshop since last Halloween when my nephew accidentally sat on it. (In his defense he was encased in a prototype cardboard robot suit, and didn't have the use of his arms.) Coincidentally this yardstick turned out to be the perfect size.

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In Photoshop I sketched out some designs, printed them out, then copied them onto the newly cut and sanded wood.
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Then with my cheap wood-burning iron I traced the pencil. Unfortunately I only have a chisel tip nib so there was definitely some detail lost (the symbol for "fire of circulation" on the skull for instance) After the wood was burned, a little glue applied, viola! The most practical thing in the world, an eraser box.

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