Sunday, November 23, 2008

I, Robot, Wayne

Sometimes, art get weird. This is another one of those times. For the past few weeks I've been busy making what is probably my weirdest project yet: a five foot three mechanical man. His name is Wayne, and he doesn't do much. He does arm wrestle however, (always lets me win) he can hold things, and looks great in a hat. The "Wayne" sculpture was made as an integral prop in Quandary's latest short film (more info in that coming soon) and he has now become part of the family.

Wayne's construction began as a skeleton of pvc pipe and some stiff ribbed metal tubing (probably used for under the sink) for the joints and spine.

Worst plumbing idea ever.

From there I began laying out the first "muscles", using lengths of thick rubber tubing to reinforce the spine and places where on a human there would be larger muscle groups. This also helped his posture, as without reinforcement he wobbled around like a boneless fish.

I shall give you liiiife!

The bulk of the materials mostly included varying sizes of flexible tubing, sheet metal, and a spaceship load of hot glue. Instead of replicating a human's anatomy, my goal was to create forms that hinted at recognizable anatomical structures: the main muscle groups and bones in the arms and legs and shoulders, the ribs and sternum, the spine, and the pelvis, for instance. Once this foundation was created the work became simply filling in and fleshing out the mechanical structure, and making sure that the "filler elements" supported these shapes.

Very quickly he became quite a character. I scavenged the heads to a couple of old flashlights for eyes. They were different sizes and produced a rather charming, perplexed expression.

Leftover bolts from Argos make a great spine.

The hands and feet were a whole other ordeal as I was set on making everything articulate. It was quite a project, but all in all I've grown very fond of mister Wayne. I've signed us up for jazzercise, I think it'll help him limber up.