Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guess what I did on my day off

If you've seen the pictures from the Borderlines shoot, you'll have seen that we created a lot of material to make the saloon, meaning there was a lot of stuff left over. I found myself looking at all this wood and wallpaper (which oddly enough was the most expensive thing on the budget next to the camera and film) and thinking of what a waste it would be to throw it all away!

So I decided to a little cosmetic home improvement. This is what the workshop section of the garage looked like before:

I know, gorgeous right?

The paint splatters are from the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Charlie" music video Quandary made for a contest awhile back. And these are my tools:

lolz, tools

In my garage there is already a spaceship so I figured, why not some saloon aesthetic to balance it out? Enter unnecessary home improvement man.

Thumbs up for my "I'm pretending I'm not posing" expression

With the wallpaper up, it now needs to be aged properly and patched where it was damaged during removal and transportation. I'm actually surprised it's all in as good condition as it is thanks to some very determined friends who helped me take it off the cardboard.

There were also some obnoxious wires connecting the switch to the lights overhead. To cover these, I got some PVC pipe and cut a groove along the back with the dremel in order to slip it over the wires (I'm no electrician) then spray painted it with metallic paint. Viloa`! Brass pipes.

There's still more work to do. Still thinking about what to do with the ceiling, going to find some cheap shiny faceplates for the outlets, and I need to figure out where to put my tools... Didn't think about that one. Oh well.

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